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Wisconsin-style attacks in Arizona

It was almost a year ago that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and their political allies launched an all-out assault on firefighters, nurses, teachers and other public service workers.

Now, extreme Arizona lawmakers are pushing a package of bills that are even worse—they would take away all collective bargaining rights from public workers. These bills are moving quickly—they passed out of committee yesterday and are expected to be debated in the full Senate next week.

Click here now to tell your senator to oppose these bills and stand up for the hard-working firefighters, teachers and nurses who keep our communities safe and strong.

Corporate politicians are pushing these bills to scapegoat working families and fulfill their extreme, right-wing agenda—to the detriment of our schools and the health and safety of our communities.These bills are not about the budget and they’re not about jobs. They’re about satisfying deep-pocketed donors and right-wing organizations like the Goldwater Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council to further their political agenda to help the 1%.

Click here to send a strong message to our senators that instead of attacking public service workers, we must focus on what’s best for all of us.

We need to tackle tough problems by sitting down together, not engaging in political games. Together, we can stand up to this corporate-funded assault and protect firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses and other public service workers who keep our communities safe and strong.

In Solidarity,
Rebekah Friend
Secretary-Treasurer/Executive Director

P.S. Even if you have already e-mailed your senator, please do so again. Click here now to take action!

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