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Uber, Lyft Drivers Deserve a Voice

Tom Chamberlain and Owen Christofferson
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In any business, the people who do the work deserve to have a voice in their working conditions. Drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft are no different.  By working with allies in the labor movement and in our communities, drivers are standing together to change the direction of this emerging industry.  Earlier this month in Seattle we heard drivers speak up, which urged Seattle City Council to take a closer look at how companies like Uber and Lyft operate.  In Portland, we need similar action from Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland City Council to assess the conditions for app-based drivers and their passengers.

It's time for drivers and for the community to have a voice in how the app-based companies - also known as Transportation Network Companies -- operate in Portland. We are standing together as Transportation Fairness Portland to address issues including fair compensation, lack of transparency, how app-based companies' rating systems operate, and improvements regarding insurance.

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