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Arizona AFL-CIO Stands in Solidarity with The United Auto Workers

Alina Cordoba
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Statement from the Arizona AFL-CIO stands united with the United Auto Workers as they negotiate a fair contract. 

The Arizona AFL-CIO representing over 200 local unions and 165,000 union members stands in solidarity with the United Auto Workers (UAW). In the event of a strike grocery workers, electricians, postal workers, nurses, truck drivers, and many others from across our state are ready to join the picket line wherever needed, including in Yucca, Arizona where members of UAW Local 509 work at Stellantis Proving Grounds.

Auto workers built our middle class and deserve a fair contract. In the first half of 2023 alone, the "Big Three" pocketed $20 billion, adding up to an estimated $250 billion over the past decade. It's only fair that the workers who made those profits possible are given what they rightfully deserve. 

The Arizona AFL-CIO, Area Labor Federations, and affiliated unions stand united with UAW as they negotiate a fair contract.