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Fred Yamashita
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Statement from Arizona AFL-CIO Executive Director Fred Yamashita Marking the Anniversary of Myanmar Military Coup and Calling for the Restoration of Democracy

In Arizona and around the world, working people deserve to have a voice in their workplace. However, under oppressive military rule, workers in Myanmar were denied that fundamental right for decades. Forced to organize in secret, trade unionists were imprisoned, exiled, and killed fighting for better working conditions.

Despite important progress made by Myanmar’s labor movement during the early years of democratic rule, the year following the overthrow of Myanmar’s fleeting democracy has seen thousands arrested, hundreds killed, and countless striking workers displaced by the military regime.

On the anniversary of the military coup, Arizona’s labor movement is resolute in our decision to join a broad coalition of organizations in condemning the country’s illegitimate military regime. We stand with workers, trade unionists, students, and activists worldwide in demanding the restoration of democracy and call on all international brands to withdraw production from Myanmar immediately.