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Arizona AFL-CIO Reacts to President Biden's First SOTU Address

Fred Yamashita
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Statement from Arizona AFL-CIO Executive Director Fred Yamashita on State of the Union Address

In his first formal State of the Union Address, President Biden fervently advocated for working families. As President Biden has said for years, “when we build labor, we build the middle class.” The President understands that in order to rebuild the middle class and tackle America’s affordability crisis, we must make it easier for working people to join a union. 

The President’s focus on increasing wages, not costs, by investing in American manufacturing is a testament to why working Arizonans mobilized in unprecedented numbers to elect him in 2020. Coupled with his commitment to championing the Richard L. Trumka PRO Act through the U.S. Senate, tonight’s address is a testament to Biden’s administration’s continued commitment to delivering good-paying, union jobs for working people and their families.

Now is the time for Senators Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly, and our leaders on Capitol Hill to support President Biden’s pro-worker, pro-family agenda by the PRO Act and the Build Back Better framework immediately.