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Organizing Specialist - Maricopa County

Rasean Clayton

“Solidarity is the most important word in the working class. The labor movement gives hope and prosperity to all working class people. That is why I am so passionate about this work that we do. We work with our lawmakers at all levels, city, state and federal to pass laws to protect and benefit all workers, to improve the working conditions and wages for all working people. We must continue to stay diligent in the work we do as labor leaders, organizers, mobilizers, and representatives. We are redefining the state of Arizona each election cycle and letting them know that labor is here.  I have been a proud union member for many years, as well as a Navy veteran. While with CWA I served as VP of Local 7050.  I was a member of the District and National Civil Rights and Equity Committee, organizer, shop steward, and a political activist.  My primary goal in this role is to increase the membership and power of our affiliated unions by recruiting new members, increase the level of their engagement and continue to build support for all working people. This will include conducting outreach and educational efforts, building relationships with workers and community leaders, and negotiating with employers.

I look forward to meeting you all and working with you to build Worker Power!” - Rasean Clayton